Additional Training Options

At Home Workouts

Working out is absolutely critical to be a successful athlete.  Why?  Your athleticism is directly correlated to your potential.  For those athletes who are looking to play at the next level, how high you play above the net, how hard you hit, how quick you are, etc... are the best indicators of how far you can end up.  For example, if you have two players of equal skill but one touches higher and hits harder, which one do you take?  Hence, the importance of the workouts.  So with that being said, here are your at home workouts for the month of December.  Enjoy!


Personal Training

Shane Tye is our new Strength and Conditioning Coach.  We are excited to have him working with us.  He comes to us from BYU, where he earned a degree in Exercise and Wellness and worked with BYU Athletes. He would claim the ones that excelled are the ones he worked with. smiley

He will be offering personal training, group training, speed and agility classes, and free consultations for all the Club V athletes and parents. To schedule a consultation and to get more information on his programs please email him at or call him at 801-349-9594. 

Please check back on the website for a schedule of classes he will be offering.  

Private Lessons

We offer private lessons throughout the entire year.  Cost is $40 per hour.  Feel free to call any one of our coaches to schedule a time and lesson.  All of our coaches offer private lessons, however, here is a list of our coaches that are available most days and times:

Reed Carlson - 801-635-5459

Matt Carlson - 801-637-2032

Eric Howard - 801-897-7014

Jaime Bartholomew - 480-221-3365

Mondo Begay - 801-633-4715

To schedule a lesson, please send them a text or give them a phone call. 

Position Trainings

We offer "Position Training" most Friday nights throughout the club season.  Position Trainings are opportunities for athletes to learn specific skills relating to that specific position.  Each position training is 1.5 hours and the cost is $10.  Space is limited so please register online using the same login for tryouts.  We will have the dates posted on our calendar.